Here they are. Our amazing bracelets ! Buy a bracelet & experience a world of possibilities.

A new day. A new design. As often as you like. Any way you want. 

You can easily slide the old design out and the new design in. Choose one of our creations or make your own.

Your bracelet is equipped with two gold aluminium threads on both sides that together with the design complete your expression…

Enjoy your new bracelet. Use it, reuse it, make it uniquely yours.

YOUYOU is the only bracelet in the world that allows you to be the designer as often as you like .

Decorate both sides of the bracelet and simply turn it around.

” Success is not to copy, it is to make something new. Be orginal and make the world adjust. Be different but most important be yourself. “

Quote Poul Pava.


Born on Bornholm. Made for you.

The braceletbox that follows is made out of recycled wood, and cardboard.

Our standard bracelet are 17mm wide and 220 mm long, the lock is 40 mm long.