A guide to using the bracelet

Your new bracelet.


Your bracelet: 17 mm wide, 220 mm long.

Your design strip: 11 mm wide, 180 mm long.

The bracelet should always be 2 cm longer than the circumference of your wrist.

Your strip/design should always be 4cm shorter than the bracelet.

I don’t get it

That’s OK. We’re here to help. Here’s an example to explain what we mean.

Start by measuring your wrist circumference. We’ll use cm for these examples, but use any unit of measurement that strikes your fancy.

So, let’s say your wrist circumference was 12 cm.

You’d then have to clip your bracelet down to 14 cm, and the design insert down to 10 cm.

So, your bracelet will now be two centimeters more than your wrist circumference, and the design insert will be 4 cm shorter than the bracelet.

But why?

Well, cutting the bracelet to size ensures it will fit your wrist, naturally. Cutting your design insert down to size ensures the bracelet can clasp securely, locking your art in and the elements out.

It’s very fiddly. My big fingers can’t do it

We’ve got you covered. A small tool is included when you receive your bracelet.

You can use it to push your designs in or to pull them out.

No swimming or bathing

Wait, what? We don’t mean ever, but if you’re going to get close to water, we’d advise taking your bracelet off first.

Getting it wet can cause it to mist up. That’s not a good look. And it might damage the design inside.

If you still get water into your bracelet, take a deep breath, and blow into the bracelet, to remove condesed water, and the strip.

Or use the included tool or your fingers to remove the strip/design and let the bracelet and design dry completely.

From us to you

We hope you enjoy the new bracelet.

It’s the only one in the world that allows you to create your own designs and can be recycled again and again.

It’s up to you: buy some of our pre-made designs or create your own. Either way, it’s yours: your design, your look. Every day any way you like it.