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Terms and Conditions

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General info


Youyou offers a 2 year warranty on all our products. This is following Danish laws and standards. You are obliged to show a proof of date of purchase and proof that you bought it directly from us.


Defects that are related to the production or shipping are covered by Youyou, but defects that are caused by a mishap or by normal or extreme wear is solely the responsibility of the customer. A production related defect will in most cases show very quickly after the product has been taken into use.

Return Complaints

If you have a warranty issue or a complaint about a product, Youyou will have to inspect the defect together with the production and in collaboration decide whether we agree with your complaint or not. You will always have the right to complaint to Forbrugerklagenævnet (The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority), and we will always follow their decision. Read more about your legal rights when buying online here: https://www.forbrug.dk/raad-og-rettigheder/e-handel/fortrydelsesret-og-klager/ To prevent fraud we are legally obliged to refund the return amount to the same credit card or paypal account from where the order was placed from. We claim the right to hold the refund until we have received the goods and until we have agreed that the refund is righteous or until a legal complaint has been settled.

Return Period

We offer a 30 days return option. Please be aware that you shall cover the cost for the return shipping back to us and that you are solely responsible for the goods to be returned in the original condition. If you refuse to receive the goods when delivered to you, Youyou will charge the amount equal to the shipping costs of the return delivery.


We aim to ship your order within 1-3 business days, and followed by Danish public holidays. In certain periods during the year the handling can be longer, but we will always write this on the front page of the website. We also take reservation for force majeure situations. On special orders there will be a special delivery time. We strive to ship orders placed before 15 same day, order then shipped next business day. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in contact with us here.

Use Of Data And The Protection Of Your Data

By using our website you agree with the terms & conditions including our use of data which is described in our Privacy Policy. You can read it in the full here. The website use cookies and asks for your permission to do so when entering the website the first time. You can read the full Cookie Policy here.


All prices on the website is included a 25% VAT (Moms) and shown in Danish Kroner (DKK) as a standard unless they are translated into a local currency either automatically or manually. The amount will be charged on your account once the items has been shipped from our warehouse

Order Confirmation

After placing an order on the website, you will shortly after receive a confirmation email. If you doesn’t receive it, please check your email spam filter. When your order is being shipped you will again receive a confirmation email with your tracking-ID.

Tracking & Insurances

All parcels are shipped with a tracking number and are shipped with insurances. In this way you can always track where your shipment is.